Eugene P. Dooley



"New Vision, Values & Ideas"





Economic Development


  • Work with existing Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) to determine new or enhanced state tax incentives for redevelopment efforts.

  • Identify mixed use opportunities (residential & commercial use). Work with developers who are willing to take a risk on these initiatives.

Criminal Justice Reform


  • Identify state funding for mental health & substance diversion programs.

  • Work with churches, community centers & community-based organizations. Identify existing federal & state funding in the form of grants. It takes money to stabilize these programs.

  • Assist with community outreach programs. This will reduce crime rates & identify ways to keep our kids in school.

  • Decriminalize marijuana laws.


  • Indiana public teachers need a pay raise. We are unable to compete with surrounding states. The average salary for school teachers: Indiana - $50,000, Ohio - $57,000 and Illinois - $61,000 (estimates).

  • Increase state school funding for infrastructure, technology & security. Requires a change to the bi-annual state budget.

  • Work with community colleges to develop certification programs. The certification program will train machinists & mechanics in Indiana.



  • Identify how The State of Indiana and the Marion County Health Department can use existing health care facilities to test for the COVID-19 virus in minority communities.

  • Work with the Legislature to demand that hospitals and health care facilities provide the cost for services in advance of care rendered.

  • Provide affordable health care for all Hoosier's. Increase transparency in billing and reduce cost.


"New Vision, Values & Ideas"

Mr. Dooley is a Senior Software Engineer/Business Intelligence specialist with proven experience as a technical leader and a IT project manager. A graduate from Indiana State University with a double major in Computer Science and Political Science. Completed his Master's Certification in Public Management from IUPUI's School of Public & Environmental Affairs. Dooley is highly creative and a goal oriented professional. He has demonstrated skills using data analysis from multiple sources to identify and resolve problems. Communication skills were honed through sales and consulting roles. 


Citizens for Eugene P. Dooley, PAC will continue to keep public officials honest by being actively involved with community events, attending town hall meetings & volunteer time with community based orgainizations.  Mr. Dooley is the Chairman of this PAC. He has the ability to analyze the impact of public policy, community and technology choices.

"New Vision, New Values & New Ideas" will lead Indiana into the future. We must assist our small business community and invest in our school districts. Indiana must also invest in our infrastructure (roads, highways & bridges). It will be critical to get Hoosier's back to work during this COVID-19 pandemic. If we work together, we will get though these troubling times.



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